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Here are just a few of the jobs that Drainology have handled recently. Roll over the image and click the link to find out more.

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Drain Clearing – Playa Flamenca – Jun. 2015

Our clients had been suffering from backed up brown and grey water. On investigation, and as is typically the case we found that there was tree root ingress to the outdoor piping. Tell tale signs usually include well established trees of differing sizes. To clear, in this case, a simple jetting was enough to […]

Septic Tank Installation – Daya Vieja – Mar. 2015

Our clients Mr & Mrs W. have been renovating a finca in Daya Vieja – because the property is in the countryside there are no main drainage services nearby. They rely on water from a well, and needed a septic tank installed to take care of their spoiled water. Here you can see the […]