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Poolology Portfolio

Here are just a few of the jobs that Poolology have handled recently. Roll over the image and click the link to find out more.

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Sand Filter & Selector Valve Replacement – Campoamor – June 2016

John S. contacted us saying that no matter how many times he hoovered his pool it never seemed any cleaner. We investigated and saw low pressure on the gauge on the sand filter. Over time the sand in the sand filter in conjunction with chemicals used in pools clumps together and becomes less effective […]

Skimmer & Pipework Replacement – El Raso – May 2016

Mr & Mrs W. contacted us to tell us about the problem they were having with one of their skimmers. We found two problems, the first was a small crack near the bottom of the skimmer which probably wasn’t contributing to the problem but could potentially cause water loss over time – so we […]

Pool Leak Repair – Quesada – Aug. 2015

Our clients Mr & Mrs R. noticed that they were having to manually top up their pool rather more than they had done previously – they suspected a leak. They contacted us as it wasn’t obvious from which point it was leaking. We were able to confirm that the leak was around the skimmer […]

Pool Regrout – Rojales – Nov. 2015

Our clients Mr & Mrs J. were the second owners of their property with its own 8m x 4m pool. They contacted us as they were having problems with persistent brown algae – this is often a sign of degraded grout in the pool where over time, and possibly due to chemical imbalances provides […]